Wednesday, February 24, 2016

In which I convince Primo to ask the lawyer a question about something he is not ready to act on, something that makes Primo nuts because he does not start doing research until he is ready to move. I do research and then decide if I am going to do something with the information. We are total opposites on this.

Primo: I am whiny.

Me: I know.

Primo: I despond.

Me: Ted is a jerk.

Primo: Why does he have to be such an asshole?

Me: I don't know.

Primo: I dread dealing with him.

Me: Would you do something for me?

[Actually, it was more of, "Yes let's get busy but before we do, there are conditions and one of them is that you need to cut off all contact with Ted because he is poison."]

Primo: Maybe.

Me: Would you send an email to the lawyer and ask him two questions?

Primo: What questions?

Me: Ask him if you can hire him to deal with Ted and have the fees charged only to Ted'sSon's share of the estate and ask him if once you have the kids' trusts set up if you can resign only from Ted'sSon's trust but still remain as trustee for Michael, Maria, and Pia.

Primo: Maybe.

Me: You don't have to act on the information. But wouldn't it be useful to know what is possible?

Primo: Yes, it would.

Me: Good.


  1. I constantly do research. I like to know as much as I can about things even if I don't need the information immediately. You don't always get the time you want/need when a decision needs to be made.
    And it is past time to make a decision on how to handle Ted as regards the trust.

  2. Knowledge is Power.

  3. I suspect that the issue may be that if he has the info it becomes too easy for him to take a path he's determined not to take, he'll take it.