Sunday, July 31, 2016

In which Primo discovers houses do not stay clean just because you have cleaned them and we talk about selling porn on Ask a Manager, my favorite blog

1. Houses get dirty

Primo: But - it looks like I need to clean the tub again!

Me: Oh. No.

Primo: But I just cleaned it last week!

Me: I know.

Primo: But I just cleaned it!

Me: Houses get dirty.

Primo: I don't like housework.

Me: Neither do I.

Primo: But you did all the housework when I was working and you were not.

Me: Yes. But not because I like it. I hate cleaning house.

Primo: You do?


2. Porn sells

On Ask a Manager today, there is a discussion about garage sales, so being a person who always has to give my opinion, even when it is not requested (I am working on that), I had to talk about Primo's experience with the garage sale for Sly and Doris' house.

Remember that Primo drove around until he found a dumpster far from Sly and Doris' house so he could get rid the box of porn he found in their closet?

The brilliant commenters on AAM noted that he could have sold it.

Apparently, vintage porn that is - um  - clean - is in. Who knew?


  1. Ew. Used porn?

    Husband and I have discussed this very issue, and have agreed that when the time comes, he will burn my father's.... collection... without ever talking to me about what he found, or how much, or where. It was embarrassing enough my whole life, I'm certainly not going to trot it out to the driveway and sell it to the neighbors after he's gone.

    1. You wouldn't make any money at a garage sale anyway. You'd want to sell it on eBay, at a flea market, or find private collectors or dealers.
      I used to sell vintage and antique clothing for a living, as well as any other interesting old things I came across when I was out looking. People will collect and buy just about anything. Better than it ending up in a landfill.