Saturday, October 15, 2016

In which I discover that Laverne has a very refined palate

It is 4th of July weekend in real time and here is what I have done so far.

1. Put Laverne out
2. Bring Laverne in
3. Put Laverne out
4. Bring Laverne in

I did this seven times before noon yesterday and noticed, thanks to my excellent observational skills, that the reason she wanted to come in every single time was to get a drink of water.

Thinking that what she really wanted was water and wanting to thwart further in and out trips (which involve putting her harness on and clipping her leash to the clothesline, and then undoing all of that to bring her in), I took a bowl of water outside when she started whining and placed it next to her.

No luck.

She still wanted to come in.

I brought her in. Perhaps she was done with Outside for the morning and wanted to move to the kitchen window, which is another of her favorite spots.

Other Favorite Spots include
  • Hunting Spot Number One, right by the house where the field mouse nest is
  • Hunting Spot Number Two, by the tree where she watches squirrels and rabbits but never catches any
  • On Top of The Stove
  • Perched on the Toilet Seat Watching the Water Swirl
  • Perched over the Kitchen Sink Watching 
  • Right next to My Work Computer by the Vent

She did not want to move to another Spot.

She wanted Inside Water.

Which, apparently, is completely different from Outside Water.


  1. Of course it is. Just as Upstairs Water is far better than Downstairs Water...

  2. Replies
    1. She's not wearing it in the photo (I can't remember why not), but we only put her out if she is in harness and a leash attached to the clothesline. Primo is all worried about her being hit by a car. Otherwise, a cat door would solve so many problems.