Tuesday, October 25, 2016

In which the one-year anniversary of Sly's death passes and Primo and I don't even think about it until our niece posts something on facebook

Primo: Oh! It's the anniversary of my dad's death.

Me (doing the math in my head): Oh yeah.

Primo: Ted posted something on facebook about it.

Me: What on earth did he post?

[I don't see anything Ted posts because I have him blocked. I do not want to be friends with Ted, either in real life or online.]

Primo: Some dumb sentimental thing.

Me: Ah, right. Ted didn't actually live with your dad.

Primo: And my niece sent me a message.

Me: That was nice! She is such a great kid.

Primo: Am I supposed to call people?

Me: About what?

Primo: About my dad's death.

Me: What?

Primo: Am I supposed to call people today to talk about my dad?

Me: No! No! Not if you don't want to. And even if you did, it would flow the other direction - you are the most grieved person, in theory, so other people should call you. You do not call them. You don't have to. But your nieces's text was really nice.


  1. Hugs to Primo on the end of the first year. And you too Goldie, being the support system is rough too.

  2. I hope 2017 is all smooth sailing for you and Primo.