Wednesday, November 16, 2016

In which I take a cooking class with some friends and the instructor tells us the cake we are making is perfect for when unexpected guests arrive and I ask why on earth would anyone want to encourage and reward that kind of behavior

Really - why would you reward people for showing up unexpectedly at your house?

I don't mind cooking and baking things to take to a sick friend, but I can drop stuff off and not have to socialize.

If the doorbell rings and I'm not expecting anyone, I ignore it.

Doesn't everyone?


  1. In our house everyone usually scurries for cover when the doorbell rings. Unless it's a rare family visit, we generally won't answer it. (Even then, it depends on who is at the door.)

    And I'm the most outgoing one in a family of introverts, so sometimes I'll answer it, but generally I hate answering the door or the phone, because if the call/visit isn't set up in advance, then it's probably someone who wants something from me, like a telemarketer/salesperson, and I'd prefer to ignore them than have to tell them no.

    Besides, when I have people over whom I like, I offer them the good hooch! :D

  2. Primo will answer the door or the phone, almost no matter what. But I am like you - if it's someone I don't know, it's almost for sure they want something from me. And I owe them nothing.

    We save the Good Booze for company we like, too, which is why I was so pissed off when Sly and Doris finished off our Really Good Bourbon. They didn't even appreciate the good stuff. I think drinking ten ounces of hard liquor a day has to affect your tastebuds.

  3. My roommate and I have an open-door policy, as we are both the "other safe adult besides my parents" for a variety of younger cousins and friends' kids. So I usually answer the doorbell, but everyone knows that if they ring they will probably see me in pajamas. We do keep a variety of baked goods on hand (often frozen) for unexpected guests.

  4. No, I absolutely love drop-in company. Nice surprises from the likes of a cousin stopping by to miss traffic, a friend who happened to be nearby and wanted to come by and say Hi, a nephew going to a store on this side of town and bringing his baby by to see me. Nope, I love them all and always have a Co-Cola and some kinds of simple snacks to pull together. My mother used to wrap and freeze individual slices of cake for just such occasions. And yes, these drop-ins get what they get: me and the house clean/dirty/in between. If you're comfortable enough to stop, I'm comfortable enough to not have to clean.

  5. We live in the country and sometimes in the summer, I garden naked. Family knows to call first ;-) (even if they call from the end of the drive!) We have a driveway alarm so if we're indoors we're not surprised - but not a lot of unannounced drop-ins....