Saturday, December 31, 2016

In which we have the way it was supposed to go vs the way it actually went - a confluence of unfortunate events

This is how it was supposed to happen.

Primo: The artist still hasn't finished the work for the flyer. B and I drafted something that I will just sent to a printer. What do you think?

He shows me a draft of three slips to a sheet of paper - each piece has his name, his photo, his contact information, and a brief summary of his policy positions. It's nice.

Me: That looks good. Are you going to have time to go to the store before my mom gets here?

Primo: Yes. And why don't I make the fish tonight instead of tomorrow?

Me: But I was going to make falafel.

Primo: But this stuff will be done and it will work better for me to have the fish tonight.

Me: You're sure?

Primo: Yes. Can your mom wait until 6 or so to eat? Or do we need to have it ready when she gets here at 4:30?

I call my mom, get her ETA, ascertain her hunger status.

Me: Six will be fine.

And then Primo goes to the store, my mom arrives, we cook, we eat, we laugh.

This is how it happened, only this is the condensed version without all the Drama

Me: Are you going to the store? Because the library closes at 5 and you said you would also pick up my books.

Primo: Oh yeah. I need to go to the library on the way there, which messes everything up.

[The store is on the right side of the road from us, the library on the left, so the logical path is store first, then library on the return.]

My mom texts that she is stuck in a traffic jam and will be late. Wait. She did that  before 4:45 because she was supposed to be here at 4:30. Then she sends another text now.

Primo calls from the grocery store - do I really want two bunches of gladiolus? They are so big! Yes I do.

Primo gets home, brings in the groceries, and goes upstairs to finish vacuuming the guest room.

I start putting away groceries.

My mom arrives.

Unpacking her car is - well, blessherheart she does not travel light. Love that woman. Prepared for anything.

Primo makes a marinade for the salmon and puts it in the fridge and starts the rice, which will take about 20 minutes. I wash the spinach and toast the pine nuts. I set the table.

Primo: The guy wants too much to make those color copies. I can't get online to find another shop.

Me: Deal with that now. We are not starving. You will be able to relax once the order is sent.

Primo dashes down to the basement, messes with something.

My mom and I chat - neither of us are starving, which is weird.

We hear thumping, swearing, and Drama coming from upstairs. We ignore it.

Primo comes downstairs: Is the internet working?

Me: Yes, why?

Primo: I figured out that the reason it has been so flaky for the past months is that the cable has gone bad.

Me: What?

Primo: It's eight years old, so I guess it would happen, but I never touch it. I had to replace the one up in my office with the one down by the TV.

Me: So now you will have to replace the one by the TV?

Primo: No. We don't use that one anymore. But the one that we use is behind my desk and I can't get to it easily. I had to climb over my desk and work it in.

Me: Have you sent the order?

Primo: No. The place I looked at charges too much and I couldn't look at other options because I couldn't get online.

Me: Are you going to send it?

Primo: No. I am going to have to go in person because it's too late to have something done by tomorrow morning.

Primo grills the asparagus and the fish. I make the spinach with the pine nuts. We eat.

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