Wednesday, January 25, 2017

In which a political blogger wants to call Primo a "sacrificial lamb"

But fortunately, he sends the story to Primo before running it so Primo can object.

Hence the term "blogger" instead of "reporter."

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I am a blogger. I have a point of view. I do not try to hide it. OK, I try to hide my POV about politics, but that's because the story here is not politics. It is my husband's weird family and it is also a little bit about politics, but about the politics of politics.

But my POV about other things?

You guys know where I stand.

I am anti mean parents. I am anti jerk half brothers. I am pro nice, decent husbands. I am not so pro nice, decent husbands running for office - and not just because I don't agree with them on the issues - but because it is a huge hardship and we don't even have kids.

Example of hardship. Well, not hardship. Drama. Drama that we would not face if we were rich and had People.

(But - I want there to be politicians like Primo who understand what non-rich, ordinary people face.

Which takes me to an observation that my dad made when he was dying and that my uncle, who was just diagnosed with stage 3 multiple myeloma, also made, which is, "Why shouldn't this happen to me? What makes me so special that I should not have to suffer?"

Let me put that in context. If I want there to be decent ordinary people in office, I can't expect only other people to suck it up and make the sacrifice. No, I don't think of it as Giving Back, but you guys, it is a huge pain in the neck to run for office and it costs money, even if you don't spend a lot on your campaign, because if you are not working, it is costing you money.

My uncle was just diagnosed a few weeks ago. He is the nicest guy. There are so many other people - mean, nasty people - who should have cancer before him but he got it and he did not. My mom saw him and he told her, "I've had a great life. I have a great family. I've gotten to do what I wanted. I have not been cheated if this is it."

He is only 65. That is kind of being cheated, but then, my uncle - my family - is not a whiner. My family is not whiners. (Except me.)(I think I have lost track of my parentheses.)


Where was I? Oh. The Drama - and this isn't even a big deal, but it's tons of little things like this that rich politicians have People to deal with but with us, they are the things that keep Primo up until 3 a.m. (Although if he wouldn't procrastinate all day, they would keep him up only until 10 p.m., probably.)

He discovered that someone from the online campaign contribution portal he uses - oh heck, it's Act Blue - had deleted part of the site.

Which meant that anyone who had wanted to donate to his campaign could not. And all the links that Primo set up for the fundraiser a neighbor is hosting tomorrow night were not good.

He finally reached someone at about 4:30 our time and the guy told him he could take care of it in the morning - that he was going home.

Which - is not the right answer for a campaign contribution website when the election is less than a month away.

Primo was very, very stressed. Nobody had notified him that they were deleting part of the site. They take four percent of all the contributions but - they deleted part of the site without telling him. And then wanted to wait another 16 hours before repairing the problem.

1. If we had People, we have a social media person and a finance person and all kinds of Persons and all this stuff would have been set up properly and problems would have been nipped in the butt and

2. If we had People, Primo could have delegated the resolution of this issue to a People instead of spending 90 minutes on it himself.

But  - that's not even what I started writing about. This blogger - and there is nothing wrong with being a blogger* - sent Primo the outline of a story he is writing about the election.

He wrote,

He knows nothing about local issues. How he’s gotten away with this in City Y is hard to figure since back in the capitol you can find a number of Stripes unhappy with his tampering in City X politics.

His opponent, Primo, is an experienced sacrificial lamb for the Polka Dot Party, a good speaker and capable political operator living in what has long been a terrible district to be a Polka Dot. But after the national showdown for the Stripes, along with the enemies [Primo's opponent] has created, [the opponent] has a target on his back. A wave could drown him. 

Primo is not happy about the term "sacrificial lamb," and I agree. There is an implication that Primo's running, even if he does not win, serves a higher purpose and that is simply not true. The only time running matters is if you win. Period.

Besides, this year is so bizarre that Primo could actually win. I hope he does. Good night, lovies.

* Sly and Doris had reported to Primo that they watched the movie Julie and Julia and not to waste our time because it was about, they sniffed, a blogger.


  1. as a Polka Dot, i was very disturbed and sad that we did not support more state candidates and candidates for Congress, as we needed to pick up at least one house and we desperately need to support local and state candidates in order to both build a base for the future and influence what happens in the states by increasing our representation there. I am SO sorry that Primo got caught in that lack of support. I hope he won ..., but given your state, I doubt that he did. We should have helped.

  2. I know you've said so in the past, but Primo is one handsome guy!

  3. I am totally confused by this entire blog. Is the election for Primo's position over? And if it is why are you writing as if it is in the future?

    1. Hi Anne - The election is over. I wrote these posts three months ago. There is a three-month lag from when these events happened and when the post appear. Sorry!

  4. Can't agree that "The only time running matters is if you win." Having decent people runnning matters, even if they lose. They show that decent people can and do run for office, and they encourage others to do the same.