Thursday, March 30, 2017

In which Primo discovers that people really really really like getting handwritten thank-you notes

Primo's stationery (ary?) arrived before Christmas. He has been writing the notes since then. I understand that politicians are busy and you can't write an entire note for every campaign contribution - most notes we have gotten have been printed postcards with the candidate's signature as the only handwritten item, but when someone prepares a bunch of food for a campaign event and hauls it from Capitol City to Our City 90 miles away or when someone donates $100, that is a lot and it merits a handwritten thank you.

Primo: I ran into two people who got thank you notes from me.

Me: And?

Primo: They made a point of thanking me! They were so happy to get them!

Me: That's really nice.

Primo: A guy I used to work with had sent me a contribution and I wrote him a note. We're not really in touch - someone else at work had shared my campaign page with him and he started following and then sent me some money. He wrote me a letter. A LETTER!

Me: Retail politics. Plus, when people give you their hard-earned money, it's really nice for that to be acknowledged.


  1. Isn't it funny how sometimes you're right about things?

  2. It's "er;" an easy way to remember is that "stationery" meaning paper ends in er, just like paper! ;)