Friday, June 9, 2017

Ch 1 Sly has disdain for Doris’ parents because they didn’t have PhDs, which, in Sly’s book, made them unworthy of life

Primo: My dad’s mother was not a nice grandmother or mother, but my other grandparents were the kindest, most loving people ever. My dad would make fun of them because neither of them were educated. I think they probably got as far as eighth grade before they had to drop out of school and work.

Me: Education does not cause niceness. It doesn’t even correlate to it. They are two completely independent, non-correlated statistics. I guess PhDs in English are not ever required to take statistics.

Primo: I loved my mom’s parents. My grandfather taught me to shoot pool. They loved Nancy and me. They were always so nice to us. They were always happy to see us.

Me: Did they ever take you to a lecture on global warming?

Primo: No! They didn’t even feed us brown rice!

Me: That means they were bad.

Primo: One time, my dad was being nasty about my grandparents to my mom. He does that to her to be mean. I was little and I said, “But Daddy – Grandma and Grandpa are nice! Doesn’t that matter?”

Me: What did he say?

Primo: I don’t remember, but I don’t think he was impressed with my observation.

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