Friday, June 23, 2017

Ch 2 Primo wants creamed onions for his birthday, which I guess is OK, but I am trying to move beyond Campbell’s soup as an ingredient (except for in King Ranch casserole, where it is essential), not because I am a food snob but it has so much salt

Me: What should we have for your birthday?

Primo: Steak.

Me: What else?

Primo: I don't know. Creamed onions. We could have creamed onions.

Me: I don't want to be cooking all day.

Primo: All you do is throw the stuff in a pot and heat it!

Me: What?! No! You have to make a cream sauce, which means starting with a roux and then adding milk. It's some work. And then there is peeling all those onions.

Primo: But you just open a can of soup. That's all.

Me: Soup?

Primo: It's my mom's recipe. I want you to make my mom's recipe.

Me: Ummmmmm. Cooking does not strike me as your mom’s thing.

Primo: It's just Cream of Shrimp soup, some sherry, and the onions, which you buy frozen and peeled.

Me: So – alcohol is involved –

Primo: It is my parents.

Me: And – not much else.

Primo: I like it.

Me: Fine. It’s your birthday.


  1. King Ranch casserole, tell us more....

    1. What? You've never had it? You must eat it!

      Here is a fancy version:

      Here is a regular version:

      They are both delicious.

  2. As I discovered to my chagrin, It doesn't matter how much better tasting (to a discerning palate) or how much healthier you want to make something, don't mess with Mom's recipe. Doesn't matter if she burns water, Mom's is The Way It Should Be Made.