Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Candidate's Wife: The Other Woman and The Other Candidate

Remember The Other Woman? Who told Primo she was going to primary him? Other Woman - henceforth known as OW - was encouraged to run by the wife of a current state house representative (CSHR) whom Primo knows. The wife also knows Primo and is an elected official herself. I am not a big fan of CSHR, but he has never struck me as malicious and underhanded. Just kind of arrogant. And his wife has been lovely every time I have met her.

Primo: I talked to [our political mentor/Big Guy/friend]. He is pretty sure that Wife of CSHR did not suggest that OW run against me - that OW came up with that idea all on her own.

Me: Yeah, I just can't see it.

Primo: Plus I just made a $50 contribution to CSHR's campaign and he thanked me publicly on facebook, posted a photo of him, his wife, and me together, mentioned that I am also running for the State House, and linked to my campaign page.

Me: That is the action of a complete sociopath or of someone who is not encouraging OW to run against you.

Primo: Nope. Plus, when I spoke to [our political friend], he said that he has spoken to [the Republican incumbent holding the seat Primo will be running for] and he said that Incumbent said that the people who want to run for that seat on the Republican side are crazy and if a Dem might win, he would rather have me because he knows I am reasonable.

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