Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: Arguing with Primo, who wants to include ALL THE WORDS on his campaign door flyer

Round One
Primo: Would you check what I have written?

Me: OK - you need to make this a lot shorter.  Here:

Primo: What? WHY?

Me: Because people are going to read this between the door and the trash can and you want to make sure they know what you want them to know.

Primo: But you cut everything!

Me: People know what a website is. They know what an email address is. You don't know if you're going to be primaried,, so you don't need the date of the primary election on there. And you need to focus on just three issues, at least here.

Primo: I don't want to leave out [issues]. They are timely. 

Me: Then put them on your website. People can get more information if they want it. In this piece, you are flirting. You are not getting naked. Three things. Three. They are going to throw this away the second they read it.

Round Two
Primo: OK. What about this?

Me: No! TAKE OUT THE WORDS! And take out the part about "more Polka Dots in [capital]. This is about you. This is about getting you elected.

Primo: I want to help other candidates.

Me: You cannot help anyone if you don't win this election. Focus on your campaign! And take out all those extra words!

Primo: But - but! You are so forceful about this! What makes you so sure?

Me: Because I have spent this week re-writing the marketing copy of four other people in Marketing Communications BECAUSE I KNOW HOW TO DO IT! I get paid to do this!

(NB Love this man. He spent last week cleaning our basement after it flooded from sewer backup. That is where attention to detail is super important. We make a good team.)(But he uses too many words.)


  1. A vote for you! Look at Conor Lamb... all elections are local. Keep it simple. Does this mean that the sewer backup ruined some things that you have (perhaps) kept longer than necesary and now they are gone?

    1. I wish. :( Unfortunately, an engineer knows to put 2x4s under everything in the basement. The only thing that got wet was the carpet and that can be fixed.

  2. More deer hunting and muskie fishing!!