Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: In which Primo and I argue about how to address an envelope

Primo thinks a letter mailed intra-state needs to include the state name.

I say it does not.

We have been arguing about this for ten minutes and we are both very very cranky. I am pointing out to him that when he uses volunteer labor to address a couple hundred envelopes that maybe Labor should get to decide how the work is done.

I also pointed out to him that I have written way more letters than he has and guess what I NEVER put the state abbreviation in when I mail letters and YET THE LETTERS GET TO THEIR RECIPIENTS because the PO cares about the zip code.

But he is an engineer. And a control freak.

Do not let the people you love run for office. You will fight about things you never even thought people could fight about.

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  1. Actually, Primo is correct here sorry to say.

    Using both the state abbreviation and the zip code ensures that in the case of a typo (handwritten or typewritten) the mail has a better shot of getting to where it's supposed to go.

    When you're dealing with bulk mailing kind of stuff, the chances that there's going to be a slip-up somewhere along the way are much greater than when you're writing personal mail to someone. These are not letters that you want to take a chance on ending up in the dead letter undeliverable office.

    Also, it is the formal way to address a letter, and the lack of it *can* make an impression - and since it's going out in Primo's name, Primo gets to say how he wants to be represented.

    - AC