Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: The winner of the Other Side's primary is such a loser that it may be possible for Our Side's candidate (AKA The Challenger) to win

Primo: I could have beaten this guy! I can't believe he won the [Other Side's] primary!

Me: Me, neither! I thought everyone knew he was a total loser! Especially after that debacle in the legislature!

[Loser Candidate held another state-level elected office and - without going into great detail - completely screwed it up. I mean, total, total loser. Even my friend at work who is very Other Side and lives in our district was shaking his head about that one.]

Primo: I guess all people care about is if they've heard the name before.

Me: You could have beaten him.

Primo: I know.

Me: Do you care?

Primo: Nope. I keep wondering if I'll regret my decision, but - I am really happy!


  1. I'm currently going through a chronological reread of your blog (while still keeping up with the recent updates). It's great to hear Primo saying that he IS happy, after all the trials and tribulations. I hope it lasts! And that you are free of further political involvement.

    1. Hi C! So nice to meet you. Thanks for reading!

      And yes - he is much happier. :) It's good.