Monday, November 12, 2018

The Candidate's Wife, or, should I say, The Engineer's wife?

Less than 48 hours ago, one of Primo's former co-workers called to ask Primo if he would be interested in coming back to work.

Primo has since spoke to the woman who would be his boss, a friend he has known and worked with for 20 years. He is now speaking to another former co-worker. 

The job is pretty much his if he wants it.

But - he would like to work in politics.

Which does not pay as much.

And if he returns to his old job, he feels like it would be an admission of defeat (which I can totally understand).

The decision is his, but I am putting my finger on the scales.

Primo: If I go back to work and you're already working, who does the chores?

Me: We would have to re-negotiate.

Primo: If I return to [old job], I wouldn't mind keeping the laundry and the vacuuming because that's easy to do working from home. But I hate cleaning the bathroom. I don't want to do that.

Me: I guess I could take back cleaning the bathroom.  

Primo: Good!

Me: But only if you go back to [old job]. If you get a political job, I'll be making more money than you and I will say you have to do the bathroom.

Primo: But I hate cleaning the bathroom!

Me: I know.


  1. That's an interesting one.

    (I'm trying to imagine transposing the discussion to how my Fiancé and I operate. )

    I tend to say that whomever works more hours should get the most say in how the household chores are spread out, regardless of money earned. But if you're deliberately working à job that pays less when you could easily work something that pays more... Hum.

    The Fiancé and I also agreed that whatever doesn't input money into the joint account is a 'hobby', not a 'job'...

    I'm not sure how Primo's work situation would fit my parameters...

    (and I think I totally outed myself as an engineer there, didn't I ?)

  2. Fingers (and toes!) crossed that he takes the job... soon.

  3. Heh heh. Spousal negotiation is SO MUCH FUN. (Unless he has cranky pants on - then it's just annoying, but then there are jokes to be cracked about wearing cranky pants and so on...)

  4. If he gets back to work then you could probably afford help. Then you could both just come home and relax in your professionally cleaned home! 🤔 It's well worth it.