Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In which Sly tries to pit brother against brother

Summer 2009 Sly has given Primo a copy of the will. I, being the nosy nellie that I am, have read it cover to cover and back again. How on earth did an English professor at a fourth rate public college who didn't publish (he was, however, an excellent teacher, or that's what he tells us) ever amass such an estate?

Union is how. (Because academics should be unionized?) Union and a state that lacked even a scintilla of fiduciary responsibility to its taxpayers. But that's a different story.

Primo, who is supposed to execute the will*, gets nothing unless all four grandchildren die before he does.


It's their money and they can distribute it how they want. I really and truly believe that.

But I also think that for all the crap they put Primo through that he should get more of their estate. At least, if he is supposed to execute it, he should. They have told him he gets almost everything, but I had business law in college and in grad school and boy, that is not what that will says.**

Then Sly tells Primo that maybe Sly should set aside $(A lot thousands) and have Primo divide it among Primo and his two brothers as Primo sees fit.

"I don't like it. What do you think?" Primo asks me.

"Bad, bad idea," I answer. "Unless you want Ted and Jack and their families never to talk to you again. There is no way you could divide that money that would make everyone happy."

Primo agrees. Tells Sly thanks, but no thanks.

* Sly maintains that he is giving Primo a great honor by appointing him executor. After googling the responsibilities of the executor, I realize that it's a great pain in the neck, but also realize that we can hire someone to do most of the work and pay the fees out of the estate. Why Sly can't hire a lawyer to be executor I do not know.

** Sly is in the very bad habit of signing legal documents without reading them.


  1. It could be worse, I suppose. When Beloved told his ex he wanted a divorce, she went and filed the very next day (even though she told him she was going to "fight for their marriage" when he told her he was leaving). When she did so, the attorney shoved a bunch of papers at her, told her it was all "standard stuff" and the ding-a-ling signed them without reading a word.

    Beloved was served a restraining order two days later, saying his ex was charging him with child molestation and he wasn't allowed to see either of his daughters. This happened an hour before he was supposed to join his older daughter for the end-of-year class trip to Six Flags over Texas - according to the restraining order, he couldn't even call her to let her know why wouldn't be there.

    Ya know, this blog of yours is becoming quite therapeutic.

  2. He can also pay himself out of the estate, or delegate most of the work to a lawyer and pay the lawyer out of the estate.

    I don't think a lawyer would add a clause that allowed Primo to decide how to pass out the money. That's what the will is for.

  3. A will that bypasses children but awards grandkids? That just isn't right.

  4. Really enjoying (not sure that is the right term?) the blog and your writing style remains as good as ever.

  5. Jan - Glad I can help!

    Richard - exactly!

    Maureen - yeah, what's up with that?

    HRD - thanks!

  6. Huh, in Canada the executor is guarunteed a percentage of the estate for their trouble. I have lunch with my Dad next week to talk about their estate and living will issues, should that need ever arise.

    End of life care is far more concerning to me than how much cash I receive. I can live without the money, years of servitude or guilt about a fragile aging parent are not my idea of a good time. I am expecting lunch to cover the fun topics of extended care, living on a machine and how/when my parents expect to move into a nursing home.

  7. Anon, oh you hit the big issue. They can spend all their money before they die. I don't care. I think they should. But yes - it's the demands they are making while they are alive that make me shudder. I will be posting about this, but their aging plan is basically for Primo to fly to their place and take care of them. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. If they have money for bourbon, cable, a maid and a gardener, they have the money for basic care.