Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday May 27 Memorial Day Picnic with the Polka Dots

Primo worked on Mark's campaign in the spring. He didn't win because the state rep from our district decided to run against Mark for a county position because the state guy didn't think he could retain his seat.


The state guy won the county seat, but has not resigned his state seat.

Why should we care about that? you ask.

Because he is still drawing his state pay. Even though the legislature is not in session and will not be in session again before the state guy's term ends.

Our money. Our tax money paying for this guy to be paid for two jobs at once.

So Mark and his wife are having a Memorial Day party. They invited Primo and me.

Primo: I don't think I need to wear my candidate name tag.

Me: Nope. This is a social event. Plus, these people would all vote for you anyhow. It's going to be a nest of Polka Dots.

Primo: But I do need to wear my [Polka Dot candidate in the election next week] button.

Me: Why? Because the people at this party wouldn't be voting for him unless they saw your button?

Primo: No. It's tribal identification.

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