Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday May 31 Going to the capitol

Primo is going to the capitol today to turn in his nominating petitions and meet with the other Polka Dots who are running. It was supposed to be just a one-day thing, leave at lunch and return in the evening, but then they started tacking all these other activities on top of it.

Which would have been fine, except he had planned to take Friday off so he and I could use a museum coupon that's about to expire.

Which I have told him I don't care if I go with him, I just don't want to waste the coupon, so if he doesn't want to go, then tell me so I can invite a friend instead.

But he said we would go on Friday.

Now he wants to stay overnight at the capitol, which is something that in theory the campaign funds can pay for except all the campaign donations to date have gone to pay for the campaign manager.

He just came downstairs with his "Recall [the Stripes governor]" sign. "Tomorrow might be my last day to use my sign!" he said.

Whatever. Just get it out of this house.

So he's going to stay overnight and then do stuff tomorrow, including going to a rally with Jackson Browne. "I really like Jackson Browne," he said.

I love the man, but sometimes I have to question his taste in music.

So he's going and he's staying overnight and not coming back until late Friday.

Which ticks me off but also makes me think, "That's almost two full days of no political conversation."

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