Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Oct 15 Yard signs and fundraising

1. All I do is put together yard signs. Which is not as simple as it might sound, as Primo insists on 18 staples. And the paperboard is thick, so the staples don't close. Which means I have to inspect each one and press errant staples down with a screwdriver. And even so, I have snagged my fingers to bleeding several times.

2. Primo is going for broke on the fundraiser. "I'm going to call the mayor," he said. Remember the night the car was towed? That was the night that Primo was at the mayor's election party. The mayor lost that race (he  had been running for governor) but is still mayor. Primo put in a lot of hours on that campaign.

3. Someone kicked down two of Primo's signs on our street. The Obama and the Romney signs were undisturbed, which makes us think this was not a partisan event but random teenagers. Or dogs. Who knows?

4. Primo is trying to avoid putting his signs in the yards that have presidential signs. He needs to distance himself from the Polka Dot presidential candidate. I wish he'd move even further away.

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  1. If it had been one sign, I'd think random...but two? Get Smart Cat on the case!