Sunday, April 14, 2013

Monday Nov 5 When volunteers don't do what they say they were going to do

We are both ready to scream. The firefighters told Primo they would drop lit for him in two wards. He delivered over 1,000 pieces of door literature to them last week. They were going to work on Thursday for him and for MaryJane, the chainsmoking shoots before she aims candidate in the next district.

He got an email late last night that they hadn't been able to do most of his territory. They did almost all of MaryJane's, but hadn't gotten to Primo's because of a fire.

MaryJane annoys the heck out of me. Remember the board I'm on? The one where people think we are going to strangle kittens? Well, in the candidate forum, MaryJane stated that she was "involved" in the effort to save kittens from being strangled.

Unless there is more to her involvement than what I have seen, her "involvement" is limited to attending one board meeting, making a 40-second statement that strangling kittens is bad and we shouldn't do it, and leaving.

Primo is annoyed because Harold, the PD incumbent in our district who chose not to run (probably) because he didn't think he could win, so ran for the county board instead, which he won and where he has been working since June, but continues to draw his state house salary, which I, as a taxpayer, find highly objectionable (the state house is not in session, so he is not doing state house work as far as I know), never took one phone call from Primo. Never returned a call. Blew him off. Ignored a call from one of Primo's volunteers, who is also a friend of Harold's, who called Harold on Primo's behalf. Never did anything. He could have endorsed Primo, but he wouldn't. Jerk.

Then Steve, who is running unopposed tomorrow, although he had seven opponents in the primary, was supposed to do two wards. Primo just got a text from Steve apologizing profusely: he had had to do Polka Dot party work and hadn't gotten to Primo's.

The election is tomorrow. There is no way for Primo and me (I am taking the day off from work) to cover two thousand households in one day.

Primo said, "I have to decide if I want a future in politics. Because I am thinking of telling the party just what I think of them tomorrow."


We have to go out to drop lit. It's cold. It's raining. We are both very, very cranky. Primo is ticked that I am voting for the Stripes presidential candidate; I tell him that I am just as bothered that he is voting for the PD guy. We are not happy and I am not looking forward to tomorrow night. Primo will probably lose, so he'll be cranky. If the Stripes guy wins, he'll be double cranky, but if the PD guy wins, our country is in big trouble. The only good thing about a PD win would be that I would not have to hear Primo's crap.

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