Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wednesday November 7 The people speak

Here are some of the emails and facebook posts Primo got.

First, from Ted. Again, not useful. We were not looking for solid life experience.

Solid effort and I'm sure you gained significant life experiences!
love ted

From Mark Smith, his opponent.

Primo, you ran an impressive campaign. It was a pleasure to get to know you over the course of the race and I look forward to meeting up with you for a beer.  
Primo's response to Mark.

Thank you, Mark. You're a good man and an impressive politician; you worked hard and earned my respect along with your victory. Thank you for running a clean and positive campaign. As you said on the phone, "it's nice to run against a gentleman." Congratulations!

From my sister.

I am so proud of my brother-in-law, Primo, who had a vision, and worked hard on his campaign. And proud of my sister,the Gold Digger, who stood by his side to help him reach his dream. You might not have won at the polls but you ran a great race.

From a work friend.

Proud to be friends with Primo. He didn't win, but he stepped into the fray and lent his voice and energy to the political process. 

From Primo's stepdaughter.

If I lived out there I would have voted for you -and not because I love you but because I BELIEVE in you:) so proud of you for finishing the race! You crossed the finish line..now time to train for the next!

From my sister in law (for extra credit, contrast her note to Ted's).

GD, I'm sorry about Primo, but I am proud of him for all his hard work and efforts. He believed in something and ran with it. His day will come!!! Love you both....xoxoxox <3

From my friends on FB.

You both are better people for trying something new and will do better next time. At least Primo won't be lying in bed 20 years from now tossing and turning, wishing he had tried to make a difference. Be Proud Kiddo!

I'm so sorry!!!! if it had been possible, it would have been an honor to vote for Primo.

Primo and GD, we are so proud of you both. I know you are disappointed and sad today, but hold your heads up high...you put yourselves out there (literally) and that's more than most people.

We were watching the returns online last night -- so sorry about the outcome! Just move back to Texas already. We'll appreciate Primo down here.

So sorry to hear that Primo didn't make it but I am proud of both of you for your hard work and dedication!

You both have put more into the democratic process than most of us will in a lifetime. Be proud of your efforts

I am so proud to be your friends and appreciate all the time and effort and integrity you put into our political process. I'm sorry for the outcome and hope you get some down time now.

Well good for Primo for getting involved in the process. Most of us just whine and do nothing. Proud of you both.

Considering what it takes to run for an office, you both deserve congratulations for just getting that far. Your people will be missing out.

We also got a note from Sam's wife and for the life of me I cannot remember what her dom d'blog is. She said she and Sam would like to give more financial help:

Also, if we can be of any financial help when all is said and done please let us know; I'm sure there are a lot of expenses. My mom has offered further support, as well.

How nice was that? We turned her down, of course, but what a generous offer to make, especially after they had already contributed $1,000.


  1. Good to know that all your efforts were appreciated by so many people.

  2. I hope for your sake Primo has started showering again!