Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ha! Sly gets nailed!

I saw this story in Slate and showed it to Primo immediately. He laughed and agreed that Sly is a grammar (and every other kind of) bully. (Remember the time he got all mad at me because he tried to correct his granddaughter about the proper pronunciation of "extract" and she had said it properly and I defended her? And then the kids, Primo, and I had a long conversation about how Sly is always correcting them and they are tired of it. He doesn't correct them lovingly, he corrects them with anger and scorn.)

We wanted to show the cartoon to Doris, but we can't: her email is not secure because she and Sly share an email and he opens the mail that comes into the house and there is no way to have a private conversation with her. She had to slip a handwritten note to Primo during his visit to them last month in which she said that she thought Sly would have mellowed as he aged but instead he has just gotten meaner.

We don't dare risk Sly seeing the article or the cartoon because as you know, he has no sense of humor, especially about himself, and he takes his anger out on Doris, who can't defend herself. He doesn't try to bully me any more because he can't but man will he make Doris cry. Annoying as I find her, she doesn't deserve that.

So Primo is going to print the article and the cartoon and show it to Doris the next time he visits. We can try to make her smile somehow.


  1. Wow. i guess you realize that you are describing some of the hallmarks of a battered wife...?

  2. Yes, this behavior qualifies as intimate partner violence (IPV) according to the CDC. Very sad.

  3. Sadly, I am aware of that. Sly is very mean. If she were a younger woman, I would encourage her to leave him.

    Unfortunately, the only way that would be an option now would be for her to live with us and I don't think either of us could take that. (Not to mention that just physically, she would not do well in our house - stairs - or our climate.)

    I hope Sly dies first so Doris can have some peaceful years.

  4. Poor Doris. I feel more sympathy for her now. That note was a plea for help. I'm trying not to cry. ):

    1. I know. It is really sad. What is an old lady like that to do? Primo got on his dad when he was there about how Sly treats Doris, but Sly has no interest in changing.

  5. No wonder she drinks. :/ I'm suprised she hasn't hit him with a frying pan...a good heavy iron skillet. >:(