Thursday, December 5, 2013

In which there is another fundraiser

Primo: I need to talk to you about something.

Me: No.

Primo: You don't even know what it is!

Me: When you start with, "I need to talk to you about something," it always ends with something I don't like.

Primo: This isn't bad. I'll do everything.

Me: Definitely no now.

Primo: You won't have to do a single thing.

Me: No. Way.

Primo: I spoke to Cassandra McCauly today.

Me: She wants to run for governor.

Primo: Yes. I want to have a fundraiser for her here.

Me: No. I am not doing another fundraiser.

Primo: You won't have to do anything.

Me: I'm not doing anything.

Primo: Nothing. I will do everything.

Me: I am not cooking.

Primo: I will get volunteers to bring the food.

Me: The house has to be cleaned.

Primo: I know. I will vacuum.

Me: It's not just that.

Primo: I will vacuum the living room and the dining room.

Me: The bathroom has to be cleaned.

Primo: I will vacuum the living room, the dining room, and the bathroom.

Me: No. The bathroom has to be cleaned. The toilet and the sink and the tub.

Primo: I will clean the toilet and the sink.

Me: And the tub.

Primo: That's what a shower curtain is for.

Me: Do you know how many times I have pulled the shower curtain back to check the tub at other peoples' houses?

Primo: I don't care about the tub. Nobody will be taking a shower. I don't care.

Me: But other people will. And they will blame me if it's not clean.


  1. Is there a chance that if you host enough fund raisers Primo will start to help with the "regular" house work? Hope springs eternal ...

  2. Maybe this is where Primo should hire a house keeper since you have a full time job and he likes entertaining people at your home. That way you would only have cooking and grocery shopping to do after work and on weekends. Tell Primo that would also leave more time for wxyz.

  3. How about you say no, and it actually counts for something? Can you not put your foot down on even something like this - do you have no say at all?