Thursday, August 7, 2014

In which Sergio the CEO of my company announces a new open-plan office where nobody but him gets an office

You guys, I hope by the time you read this, I will be in a new job. I have been looking. Lord have mercy, I have been looking. But looking for a job is very time consuming and exhausting and then the interviewing is a pain in the neck and you have to either take time off or make up appointments, which I don't really mind doing because there are many times when I am on the phone late in the day with Asia and you know, the hours should balance out.

There are three things I like about my job right now:

1. I can take the bus to work, which means that Primo and I can get by on one car.
2. I can go to the gym at lunch.
3. I have a window office with a really nice view.

Today, the CEO, Sergio, who is here from BA for the week while we prepare for a board meeting, announced that the office is going to be renovated.

We are going to an open plan, he said.

I know open plan makes people nervous, but it will be OK.

All the offices will be converted to meeting rooms.

Those of us in offices will move to modules within the open plan. My boss, who is a director, will lose his office.

His office will not be converted to a meeting room. His office will become Sergio's office for Sergio to use the four times a year he is in the U.S.

The rest of us -- all of us -- will be in an open area. This area will Facilitate Communication and Improve Processes and Make Us Better People.

I suggested that it might be noisy.

Oh, no. There will be white noise.

There will be TVs in the conference and break rooms. You know - because being able to watch TV while I am at work is so important.

There will be expensive renovations.

There might not be raises.

The money has to come from somewhere.

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  1. Oh that sucks. My boss recently told us that he hopes to renovate our office in the next year or so. Since I'm in a horrible glass walled fishbowl office (shared, BTW), it can only get better, right?