Thursday, November 13, 2014

In which the woman who sold her books at Primo's fundraiser states on facebook that it is her "turn to govern"

Oh man! There is more about the weird woman who didn't bring any food or money to the fundraiser Primo and I held. She is the gift that keeps on giving.

But first.

We are on vacation. Primo is a little cranky about the campaign. I told you that his social media person quit, again. We still don't know how that one will turn out.

He is also cranky because he is getting pulled more and more into the campaign, even though the original deal was just two to three events a week. I think he should maintain those boundaries, but he feels guilty for not putting forth a full effort. I admire his work ethic and commitment, but at the same time, in an unwinnable race, why knock yourself out?

We are on vacation. We should be disconnected. We should be without internet. We should be off the grid. But instead of sitting on the sun porch, watching the waves crash into the shore and listening to the loons, we drive into town and sit outside the library, along with everyone else, to poach their internet on our phones.

In our defense, it's only once a day and it's after we go in to play tennis.

In this time, Primo discovered a post by the weird woman. I think I mentioned she is running for the state house this year and has already asked for the donation of a car.

She is cranky because a sitting representative endorsed her opponent.

Let's call the weird woman Lizzy. Lizzy wrote a rant on her blog about how she has been betrayed by the sitting rep's endorsement of her opponent. I present below an edited version of the rant.

As the candidate who helped state house leader Benjamin Bratt recruit candidates and run dozens of campaigns in 2012,  and who ran against [the other side's candidate] in 2000, I am SHOCKED that incumbent Julia Dreyfus has endorsed [my opponent].  The people deserve an state house person who has the background and ability to govern effectively. 

[Lots of detail about her work experience and political activism, including her time as a lawyer, without any mention of her being sanctioned for trying to destroy her ex-husband's legal career. She may have been disbarred - not sure.]

[Off to the google. Not disbarred, but her license was suspended.]

Frankly, I am insulted by the lack of gratitude shown by Dreyfus for the over $50,000 worth of free effort I personally put in helping the party recruit candidates and run their campaigns in 2012. 

I urge everyone to log onto my website to read my detailed qualifications to govern and issue stances. 

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  1. Wow. And I've long thought most attorneys were on the crazy side.