Monday, November 10, 2014

In which the weird woman who brought her self-published book to our fundraiser to sell when Primo was running for the State House posts our personal photos to her facebook page

Remember the woman who came to the fundraiser we held when Primo was running for the state house and didn't give any money or bring any food but brought her book to sell?

That story is here.

And I realize that in my previous posts, I have designated Primo as a Polka Dot and me as a Stripe, but now I have them reversed.

Dang. I cannot keep track. I bet you can't either.

Here. All you need to know is that Primo and I tend to vote for the opposing parties. I give up trying to keep fake names straight.

So this woman came to our fundraiser and didn't bring any food and didn't contribute any money and she tried to sell her self-published book to our guests.

I informed Primo that she was never to come to our home again, which he took quite well, as he does not care for her, either.

She has gotten weirder.

She is unemployed. She thought that the Stripes (formerly known as Polka Dots - dang! WHATEVER PRIMO IS!) majority leader in the state house would give her a job.

He did not. Even though I think he is on the wrong side politically, I do not think he is an idiot and his refusal to give her a job proves that. She is a loose cannon and benefits nobody except the opposition.

So now she is running for the State House.

1. Unemployed.
2. No money.
3. No car.

She has posted things on her facebook page (according to Primo) like, "I need someone to donate a car to me so I can campaign effectively."

My response was to snort and say, "She probably claims to love public transportation. She can take the bus."

(NB I do take the bus to work every day. I don't talk about how great public transport is and mean "it's great for other people" - I just take it.)

I was on MaryJane's facebook page. All things considered, I do like MaryJane. She is nice and interesting. Just a little intense, but that's OK.

The weird self-published book lady had shared a photo album with MaryJane.

A photo album that I would share with you except my cover would be blown.

She wrote, "Primo for Congress! Exciting news! Hey my friend Primo who ran for the State House in 2012 is running for the U.S. Congress! He is the candidate against [incumbent, whom I probably gave a name but can't remember] but more importantly he loves cats!"

And then she posts four photos. Of Primo. And me. And our cats.

Personal photos. Photos Primo had posted on facebook for his friends.

She saved those photos to her own facebook page!

I took a screenshot and emailed it to Primo.

"Why does she have these photos of us?" I asked. "That's CREEPY!"

When I came home, Primo said, "I can't unfriend her because she would try to damage me."

I shook my head. "I don't expect you to unfriend. I expect you to agree with me that she is super bizarre and this is weird and creepy."

He said, "Everyone knows she is like this."

Which she is.

And then she tried to friend me on facebook.

That was an easy decision. 


  1. This is the real problem with FB and lots of other things on the Internet. No privacy at all. It really scares me what people post, especially photos of their children, and photos of drunk college kids, etc.

    Totally get where you are coming from. This kook sounds like a loose cannon - beware!

    ps: assume that Primo lost. sorry for him, but you really don't want to be married to a congressman!

    1. Webb, we will just have to wait until May. :)

      But nope - I am not interested in being married to a politician!

      BTW, I deleted your comment on the other blog b.c you accidentally called me "Goldie" and I don't need my mom asking question!