Sunday, August 9, 2015

In which Sly and Doris' main criteria for assisted living is a heated pool with water aerobics

Primo has been trying to get Sly and Doris to move to assisted living for years and they keep saying they don't need it and they don't like the places around them anyhow because you have to wear shoes when you are in the dining room and they want water aerobics and some of these places don't even have a pool, etc, etc.

Sly also mused that perhaps they should just find a pied a terre in Brooklyn. Wouldn't that be nice? An urban environment close to the arts where they could walk to the coffee shop.

If that's what was important to them, why on earth did they move to the generic suburbs in [warm state with no state income tax, even though they think everyone else should pay more taxes]? The nearest major urban area a la Brooklyn is eight hours away.

Then Sly said there is this place in Atlanta where some friends of theirs have moved and perhaps they should move there. Primo thought that at least in Atlanta, he would be able to get a direct flight and not have to rent a car to drive an hour to their place.

But it has gone no further than that. They will find a reason not to like it - You mean there is no open bar every night? There are no cabana boys to wave peacock feathers over them as they nap by the infinity pool? You mean there is no breakfast in bed? You mean laundry is  not handwashed in Perrier and rolled on the plump thighs of virgins?

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