Sunday, October 25, 2015

In which I see Doris' obituary and am appalled

You guys, I don't know if I wrote about this in June when Doris' obituary came out. I have scanned the posts but don't see anything. This may be redundant - please forgive me. It is now October and believe it or not, the Sly and Doris drama has not stopped. Poor Primo. His year of relaxing has turned into a year of exhaustion.

Sly wrote Doris' obituary.

Even in death, he could not let her shine.

In life, he hated that she was a better singer than he was. He was always criticizing her and putting her down. That is not how you treat someone you love.

In her obituary, the very first line was that Doris had died but only after she learned that her husband had survived surgery.

Here it is:

Doris, of 123 Main, Anytown, died at the Place on Wednesday. She lived long enough to know that her husband had survived an operation  the day before.

I read that and said to Primo, "Your father has made your mother's obituary about him."

"Yep," he said. "That's what he's like."


  1. This guy !!!

    More importantly :
    God will give you both peace.
    In fact, one day you'll reflect on this devistating time and be amazed that somehow you made it through.

  2. I had wondered who had written the obit and than decided it had to be Sly. I'd never seen one quite like this.

  3. Did he not realize that the reader could interpret it as his survival is what pushed her over the edge?

    1. Anon, you made me laugh out loud! That is hilarious.

    2. GD, not sure if you are still trying to keep this anonymous... but thought you would want to know that google will bring up the actual obit along with this page from a line or two of your post...

  4. Sly, putting his Phd to good good use here. Learn people!!