Saturday, October 17, 2015

In which Ted might be offended only how would you know because he NEVER SHUTS UP (I thought Primo was bad about not letting anyone get a word in edgewise)

Two things.

1. Ted did not call today. "Maybe I offended him yesterday when I said maybe two or three calls a day instead of five or six?" Primo asked.

"Then you should have offended him sooner," I suggested.

2. Last night, after we were eating some of the roasted whole chicken we bought at the Greek Fest at the Orthodox church by our house.

Primo: This is so good. We should have bought two.

Me: I suggested that. You said no.

Primo: What? I don't remember.

Me: I did.

Primo: You should have insisted!

Me: Oh, this is on me?

Primo: But it's so good!

Me: I. Told. You. So.

Primo: But why? Next time, you need to push me.

3. That's three things. We are both so tired. We went to bed early for Primo and late for me (10:15) last night. I was already past tired plus I was cranky because TED called at 9:15 - his fifth call of the day - to talk about Doris' obituary.

"I saw one that said, 'She lost her courageous battle with cancer,'" he scoffed. "Nobody writes obituaries like that these days!"

Primo pled ignorance, saying he does not read obituaries.

I wondered why Ted cared how the obituary was written. Was he offering to do it so it could be done right? If so, great. If not, SHUT UP.

He yammered on for another 30 minutes. I don't know why Primo puts up with it. I would not have answered if I had seen it was he calling. Or I would have asked, "Is dad dying? No? Then we can talk tomorrow."

So Primo, who had promised to come to bed early, was delayed and I said that was not my problem - that I did not exist to accommodate Ted's needs and Primo did not have to come to bed with me but I was going to sleep NOW because I was TIRED and because I had to get up at 6 a.m. because I HAVE  A JOB which is the only reason Primo can spend all this time in Florida, which is not a blessing from any angle, is it?

I stayed up for Primo because he asked me to and said he was so tired and so drained and he needed to pick out an outfit for his mom's funeral and what did I think of this and I said that looks fine and it's not like she dressed up for our wedding. I could swear she thought, "What is the ugliest thing I own? That's what I'll wear!"

May she rest in peace. Really. I am being ugly. I am exhausted.

So I couldn't fall asleep until about midnight and then Primo woke up at 5 and got up and I couldn't sleep again so at 5:30, I was up as well and at 6:30 I was at work because I was up and I have things to do and I thought I would knock off early but of course I did not - I still worked until 4:30 and I didn't even go to the gym because I was so tired but also because I just came home at lunchtime and stopped at the mall on the way home to return the beautiful blue leather skirt from White House Black Market that I got for $20 off with free shipping but then discovered was made in China, which means back to the store for you, beautiful skirt that flattered me but was made by slave labor.

I am so tired.

Primo is at a political thing but whatever. Who cares about politics?

PS You guys, today in real life was the first Sly and Doris post in months - instead of all that political stuff - and I have a ton more traffic. This confirms my opinion that nobody cares about politics but we all are fascinated by family drama.


  1. I'm on the edge of my seat - how did Doris' service go? Did Primo give the eulogy? Was Sly able to attend? What did Ted say this time? And was cheese thrown?

    1. The funeral hasn't happened yet in blog time. :) But I have been negligent - Primo wants to wait until Sly is well enough to attend.

  2. Politics is divisive. Family drama is universal.

    1. Joan, that is a great observation! Everyone has crazy somewhere in her family!

  3. fwiw, I started reading last year, got caught up in a ton of work and stopped reading and forgot, and then ended up back here because of a comment you'd posted elsewhere with a link back here. Having dealt with some of the resistance issues with my grandparents, I felt for you and Primo, and then once I was here again - it's like a trainwreck. I can't look away...

    Anonymous Cat

    1. Anon Cat, I love your phrasing - that this is like a trainwreck. It is - and I am doing the only thing I can do to cope, which is to stand at the sidelines with a pad and pencil.

  4. Political drama is way less engaging than family drama. Plus, I'm already exhausted by the presidential elections that don't even happen until next year.

    1. Kara, I hate politics so, so much. Primo is becoming disenchanted and talking more about how he wishes he could make a living as a musician and THAT ACTUALLY SOUNDS GOOD TO ME! I would rather be married to a musician than a politician. That's how much I hate politics.