Sunday, November 1, 2015

In which Sly asks quasi-strangers to come collect his urine-soaked clothes to wash them

I realized upon reading what is posting now - I am writing this in present time - that I left out some critical details about Sly's clothes. (Almost all these posts, except when I state otherwise, were written as the events were happening. There is about a four-month lag time.)

Primo, as you know from the previous post, was going to be gone for a week. He set a schedule for feeding the cats and visiting Sly - maybe the only reason anyone would visit Sly is if they were forced to? - I know that's why I went to see him - to preserve marital harmony and to keep Primo from having to deal with Sly alone.

The big question was who was going to wash Sly's clothes?

Because Sly kept peeing on them. Don't know if they didn't have the right diapers or if he wouldn't ask for help in time or what. I can't remember. These are the kinds of details the mind tries to forget.

I don't know why they didn't just have the rehab center wash them - probably because they would have had to been tagged or labeled and Primo just wasn't up for another big task and I do not blame him.

Ted has a friend from college who lives near Sly. Ted'sFriend and Ted'sFriend's Wife came to Doris' funeral. They seemed like really nice people, which has both Primo and me scratching our heads and wondering what we are missing about Ted or what the friend is missing about Ted.

But maybe if you are not family, you are treated better by Ted - after all, people who are not related to you do not get stuck being around you unless they want to be there.

Sly's solution was for Ted'sFriend's Wife to come every day to get his urine-soaked clothes and to wash them.

I did not find out about this until the question had been asked and answered, otherwise, I would have done everything in my power to stop Sly from asking TFW TO SPEND AN HOUR A DAY DRIVING TO AND HOME FROM THE REHAB CENTER TO COLLECT AND WASH HIS URINE-SOAKED CLOTHES.

The man has no boundaries. None.

I would not dream of asking the spouse of someone I barely know TO DO MY REGULAR LAUNDRY.

Sly thought is was OK to ask the spouse of someone he barely knows to wash his urine-soaked clothes.

Guess what?

She said sorry she was washing her hair.


  1. Good for TFW! Finally, someone besides GD who can't be pushed around!

    1. It really helps not to have any emotional ties to him!

  2. OMG! I keep thinking things can't get any more ridiculous... and then you post this bit of craziness. My mind just can't comprehend!

    1. Heather, I know! I keep thinking I will run out of material. But no.

  3. I am probably a total you-know-what, but I've already made it clear to my husband that there will be no butt-wiping or diaper changing by me if and when he needs it. That's what Medicare and insurance and retirement savings are for, so that we (I) can hire someone to come do that stuff.

    Also, I can't imagine EVER asking my kids to do those things for me or my husband. Sly is just...different, I guess, is the nice way to put it..

    I'm sad it wasn't Doris that was still around (apologies to Primo who of course loves his father).

    1. Debra, if there is money for that, then YEAH!

      When my dad needed some help in that area, my mom told me to stay out of it - that it was not something a child should be doing for a parent.

  4. lmao @ she was washing her hair. If she really said that and that was not just Goldie slotting in her own version of Excuse du Jour, then I love that woman. Sight unseen.

    - Anonymous Cat

  5. Sly is a sicko.