Tuesday, December 1, 2015

In which Jack asks if Stephanie should be included in the post-funeral family dinner, which I think is a class act thing to do

This impressed me. I had asked Primo if Stephanie would be invited to the dinner after the funeral and he had said no, Jack did not consider her part of the family. (Jack had said that.) I pointed out that Stephanie, despite Sly and Doris' rudeness to and about her, had continued to help them and visit them in the hospital and take their grandchildren to see them.

This morning, Jack emailed Primo and Ted and asked if they thought it would be OK to invite Stephanie to the dinner. Both Primo and I think it's a great idea, but Primo is worried that Ted won't want to have her there.

"Then we can send him the email that he sent to Stephanie about how much he loooooooved her and her kids and how much Sly and Doris adooooored her," I said.


  1. She is the mother of Sly's grandchildren and the mother of Jack's children. That makes her family, period, regardless of whether anyone looooves her or not.

  2. And, with Stephanie there the "good guys" way outnumber the "bad guys" , aka Ted. It's a classy thing to do, and the right thing. Glad Jack is able to be that supportive of his kids.

    1. Yes, I was very pleased that Jack wanted to do that.