Tuesday, January 19, 2016

In which I discover the practice of naked photos is older than I am

Neighbor: Say hi to Primo for me.

Me: He's still in Florida.

Neighbor: Still? Wow!

Me: Still settling the estate. They had a garage sale this weekend.

Neighbor: He's been there a lot.

Me: I know. Hey. So if you have any naked photos of yourself with someone or have a sex diary, you might want to figure out how that should be handled when you are dead.

Neighbor: What?

Me: Primo found photos of his mom and dad. And a sex diary.

Neighbor [who is 51 years old]: Yeah, when I was cleaning out my grampa's house, I found photos of him and my grandma.

Me: What! Please tell me that they were when he and your grandma were young.

Neighbor: Wellllll.

Me: Oh no.

Neighbor: I don't even think my grandma knew anything was going on. My grandfather was kind of a horn dog.


  1. Men have been producing pictures of naked women for centuries. We call it art and hang it in museums.

    1. Yeah, but does anyone want to see his naked parents at the Louvre with - equipment?

  2. Yep, not at all surprised. My mom was somewhat surprised to find a "lingerie" photo her mom sent to her dad when he was overseas for WWII. I don't necessarily want to *find* these photos for any of my parents or grandparents, but I'm totally ok with their existence.