Wednesday, February 3, 2016

In which the king is dead, long live the king

Did I tell you guys that Ted sent an email to Primo asking for a phone conversation (always with the phone, that one) to get the information he needed to complete the claim for Sly's life insurance?

And Primo and I were both, "Whaaaat?" because as far as we knew, the estate was the beneficiary on the life insurance and Primo was the executor so why would Ted be involved?

But Primo thought, "Well maybe there is something going on I didn't know about - maybe Ted was listed as the contact person on my dad's policy so before I get mad at Ted, I will do some research?"

And he called the insurance company and they said they would have to take his name and call him back in a day or two, which made me, who used to work for a life insurance company, think, "What is that all about? Prudential never gave such bad service and USAA, our insurance now, does not give such crummy service. Why would it take customer service two days to call back on a death claim?

And we did not get an answer for that, but Primo finally got called back today.

Again, we are jaw-droppingly overwhelmed at Ted's audacity. WHO DOES THAT? Who calls the life insurance company about a claim when

1. He is not the beneficiary
2. He is not the executor?

I really thought this blog would die when Sly and Doris did, but a new villain has stepped in.

  • 3:41pm
    I finally called again and reached someone at [the insurance company]. Ted was completely out of line. He called and provided notification of Dad's death a couple of weeks ago, and they sent the claim form to him. It's not his job or his business to deal with that.
  • 3:43pm
    They're going to resend it to me, but they can't send it by email because of "confidentiality." I think I talked the lady (who is the "team lead" in the claims department) into sending it overnight so that I'll get it on Firday. Otherwise, it might not arrive until after I leave on Monday (because their normal shipment is UPS 2-day and it won't go out until tomorrow).
  • 4:10pm
    HE DIDN'T!!!!!!!!
  • Primo
    I'm awake now.
    He didn't discuss it with me or even tell me that he had notified the insurance company. All he wrote was "I received a [insurance company] letter about our parents’ trust."


  1. New theory: Ted believes he should have been executor as oldest, favorite, whateverest, and he's PISSED that it went to Primo. So he's doing all this so he can say "It should have been me- I'D be a better executor and wouldn't have all these problems."

  2. I wonder - did Ted think he could speed up the insurance payout - just in case he was one of the beneficiaries? (And I'm sure Ted has delegated TedsWife to whine about the "good bracelet" in case there is something more valuable than the 14k bracelet they now have, so they can sell it.) And this on top of milking Tedswife's mother for as much cash/belongings as they can. Sad, sad, sad.

  3. Also, "You are the youngest and therefore obviously too young (and stupid) to handle this. As the oldest, I'm in charge."

    That apple lies way too close to the tree!

  4. One step forward, 100 steps back! I wonder if Needy Ted was this efficient when dealing with Sly's medical requirements during his surgery and last few days. Did he have all the paperwork and tests etc sorted out straightaway?