Saturday, February 6, 2016

In which Primo says "Screw this I am not dealing with this jerk any more"

Primo forwarded Ted's email to the lawyer.


Ted is so dead to me that I have dug him up from when he told me what an idiot I was over Ted Kennedy and put a stake through his heart.

To: Lawyer. Cc: Primo


I think the email below from Ted is the last straw. I am afraid that it's hopeless for me to try to deal with him reasonably.

His goal is to intimidate me, but he has not succeeded. He apparently thinks that my parents' wills and the trust document leave him an opening for legal action to obtain some share of our father's estate because my mother died first. As far as I can tell, the wills and the trust document are crafted with perfect symmetry and it does not matter which of my parents predeceased the other. I assume that your reading is consistent with that statement.

I am going to be in Florida during the coming week. We should at least talk about how to deal with Ted from this point forward, and we can also set up a meeting if you think that would be beneficial.

Let me know when you would like to set up a phone call or meeting. I may have to deal with a malfunctioning HVAC system (which was noticed by the neighbor, who called me today) after I arrive, so Tuesday will be a bad day for a meeting but should still be OK to talk on the phone.


Subject: Re: updates
CC: ted'

You are incapable of “going off” on me, Primo. You can’t punch that far out of your weight class. The lawyer is a junior varsity trust attorney. My wife (of 26 years) is flabbergasted by your continued shitty, imperious attitude and Scott Walker-level lack of disclosure.

You purport to be a politician. Politics is about leadership; you have provided little if any since July 11. 

On the other hand, you are capable of fiduciary mismanagement of our father’s trust (as you shall soon learn, it became his trust after his wife—our beloved Doris —predeceased him) and I am capable of attempting through all available legal and personal channels to rectify any malfeasance, mismanagement, or one-sided mis-interpretations.

Thanks for ruining my Saturday. And stop typing me emails before I have to fly up—as I did lovingly for your wedding—and kick your sorry ass.

You are about to piss me off.




  1. Go, Primo! I'm so glad he's not going to be intimidated by Ted's abuse. There is something really wrong/sad about Ted, but that is not a burden that Primo should be forced to bear.

  2. Best possible move. Let Ted bluster at someone who has no emotional stake in the issues.

  3. Who would want to be in Ted's 'weight class'?

    Ted is going to be so sad when he realizes his anger-scapegoat has walked away from his crap.

    Good for Primo and hopefully you block his email and phone calls.

  4. Really, the physical threats should be pointed out to the lawyer -- not for them to sue him or get a restraining order (yet), but maybe just a cease-and-desist letter for Ted to deal ONLY with the lawyer.

  5. You guys, I had not read this email for a few months - you know there is a lag time for posting - and re-reading it now, even though I know how it has been resolved, is still making me so angry that my heart is racing. I cannot stand Ted.

  6. I'm v. glad that it's been resolved, but holy hell! To treat your brother that way is so manipulative and weird. I'm glad that Jack has become more supportive during all of this, and that Primo has you - dealing with the grief of losing your parents in one summer has got to be like running an emotional marathon, and Ted's stuff is like adding in bear-pits thrown in along the way.

  7. I am so excited to hear the resolution, hoping it is in Primo's favor! And I must say, I appreciate your documenting this, I fear I will go through something like this someday with my BIL/SIL. :( Of course, I hate that you've had to go through what you have with your in-law's.

  8. "My wife (of 26 years)" & "as I did lovingly for your wedding"

    I forgot add passive aggressive to my previous diagnosis!

  9. (Hi, I'm a new "Anonymous." I think this is my first time posting.) I hope hope hope that Primo stands firm with his decision to step back and have the lawyer deal with Ted & Ted's associates. Life is too short to put up with Ted's sort of abuse. Let the lawyer be the one who chomps on antacid tablets for a while (although he/she has probably learned through experience not to take these bullies personally)!

    Goldie, you and Primo have my sympathies and hope hope hope for a tranquil and productive life on the other side of all of this monumental aggravation.