Wednesday, March 9, 2016

In which worlds collide sort of

And then this happened.

Primo and I went to the same college. Our class reunion is coming up. We are going to Houston to see all of our friends and it will be fabulous.

But - I let myself get talked into working on the fundraising committee.

What this means is I have asked people for money.

What is crummy about it is I have asked them for money for a cause I don't really believe in - the president of our college is very highly paid (overpaid, if you ask me) and the college itself has a huge endowment.

The only reason I care and the reason I gave to contribute was that alumni giving rates affect the college rankings.

I still work. I still have my college name on my resume. I need that name to be respected. So I have a dog in the fight of college rankings.

But I asked my friends to give ten bucks, just to get the rate up. The college is not poor.

The woman - a friend of mine - who is chairing the committee (she is also an in-house attorney for a big company, volunteers on a ton of boards, is the mayor of her township, and has four year old twins - she is AMAZING) asked me to send one more email. The reunion is next week - she wants to do one more push.

I had been emailing just ten people I had picked from the list.

She sent me a list of my entire dorm.

I sent the email - and noticed the last name on the list - the wife of my college boyfriend.

As in, my college boyfriend married one of my college roommates.

I have not spoken to either of them for years.

That was bizarre.

Not sure what to think.


  1. WHAT!?! Could it be? GO OWLS!

    1. Of course it is. I don't think I have kept that a secret. :)

    2. No wonder your blog is so great! Lovett '87

    3. Well I'd say TEAM WEISS but ... no. Small world!

  2. Oh yes - I think I did remove all references to Rice last summer when someone outed me on Doris' funeral page. I was worried that Primo's jerk brother Ted would find this blog and identify me. Not that I care if he know what I think about him, but I did not want him to make Primo's life any more miserable than he was already doing.

  3. My college roommate and close friend married my college boyfriend too. :) We're no longer in touch, but I had broken up with him for my soul mate and felt very bad about it, so I was thrilled that they found each other. He liked to joke that he pulled the "roommate switch" (yet another Seinfeld reference, ha!).

    - Evelynne

  4. Fund raising stinks! I got asked to serve as a "class ambassador" for my college to "increase communications" between the college and alumni. Sounded good to me, but then i realized that all the communications had to do with fund raising. I am "responsible" for 10 people, so i wrote them all and told them that i was very uncomfortable asking them for money because i think they are all smart enough to make their own decisions, and instead, they should expect to hear from me annually to thank them for their various contributions ... no dollar signs attached. It's the best i can do!