Saturday, July 16, 2016

In which I find out what was actually in the text that Jack sent Primo (while I am waiting and waiting for Primo to be ready to leave)(I am getting a little bit cranky)

Jack's actual text to Primo about the computer:

I can't understand why you haven't sent it yet.


  1. As my childhood mentor Bugs Bunny would say, "What a rube!" Or was that Fred Flinstone?

  2. I hope the answer was: “I’m sure you can’t!”

  3. "Obviously, the only possible explanation is that we are bitter, petty people who are holding on to this computer because it frustrates you, the very point around which our pitiful little world revolves. The bonus here is that you then contact us to complain about it, and this is our only interaction with any person, ever, because we have no lives and are literally just staring at the walls 24/7, thinking of ways to upset you."

    Or something less sarcastic, if you prefer.