Saturday, October 8, 2016

In which I remember that I have not told you that Keith's awful former tenant, whom I would name here so her future landlords could google her, but I won't because not because I fear her finding me - the truth is absolute defense, right? - but because I do not want to identify myself, even though several of my brilliant readers have already figured out who I am IRL, which is fine as long as they use their power for good, cashed the check for the partial deposit so we may be done with her

Keith packaged the returned mail, not opening the envelope, and we wrote a letter to include with the new package, certified mail with return receipt.
Dear Ms Tenant,

I am once again sending you your deposit letter and the balance of your deposit. As you can see, the original letter was mailed on May 20 to the address you gave me,

Tenant's friend/Tenant

That letter was returned to me today with a note from the addressee indicating “Wrong address?” and a “return to sender” notice from the Post Office.

I am re-sending the letter to you at the address you indicated in your recent emails with delivery confirmation.



He got it back on Monday. We prepared everything Monday night and he took it to the post office on Tuesday.

On Thursday, she was emailing him that SHE STILL DID NOT HAVE THE DEPOSIT AND WHERE IS HER MONEY?

He called me, worried.

"Panic not," I said. "You have proof. She will get it. The post office delivers the mail."

We decided he would not email her at all.

"I'm tired of dealing with her," he said. "I don't even want to talk to her."

Can't say I blame him. She has been nothing but nasty to him.

"Just wait," I said.

On Monday, he called me.

"I checked with the bank," he said. "She cashed the check."

She cashed the check! She cashed the check! The law is not totally clear on this, but it says that if the tenant cashes a partial deposit check, she may lose the right to sue for the balance.

It's been two weeks now - I think - since she cashed the check - and she has not sent any nasty emails to Keith or called him or dropped any letters off at his house.

Maybe we are done?

I hope?

I want the good guy to win for once.

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