Saturday, June 17, 2017

Ch 2 February Doris calls Primo from the bathroom, which is the sort of thing I thought happened only in fiction

Primo: My mom just called me.

Me: Oh no! Is something wrong? Your parents never call you! It’s not even Sunday!

Primo: Well, sort of.

Me: What do you mean?

Primo: Nobody is sick or dead, but she locked herself in the bathroom because my dad is drunk and is screaming at her.

Me: Oh man. That’s awful. But what does she expect you to do? Would it even help if you talked to your dad?

Primo: I doubt it. My dad can’t be reasoned with even when he is sober. Trying to convince him that he is not right when he is drunk would be impossible.

Me: So why did she even call you?

Primo: I guess she just wants to hear from someone who isn’t being mean to her.

Me: Your mom’s life stinks.


  1. This makes me so sad. And then I get angry, and start thinking of all the calls I would have started making in that situation.

    And then I get sad again, because she probably didn't have anyone close by whom she could call. No one who would come and talk sense to Sly, or at least get him away from the door long enough for her to make an escape, no one who would lock themselves in with her and record the horrible things he was shouting to play back at him when he was sober and wondering why she was packing her bags "all of a sudden", no one to run in and tell Sly that they saw his car rolling down the street (because they totally broke in and released the emergency brake and gave it a push).

  2. That's very sad. (also you have a different name for primo in the url you might want to fix.)

  3. Doris breaks my heart. I really hope she has found peace and grace in the next world.