Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ch 2 I google Sly and Doris OH LIKE YOU WOULDN’T – don’t act like you never open the medicine cabinet when you are at someone else’s house – and find a letter to the editor that needs no commentary

I know I am the nosiest person in the world. I like to have information. I wonder what I might find online about Sly and Doris.

So I google them.

As one does.

Remember how they live in Florida? I lived in Miami for two years. Gorgeous weather. I left my windows open and almost never used the air conditioner. A fan was enough. I hate to be cold and about the only thing to like about Florida if you are not in Miami, where the food and the culture are fabulous, is the weather. As far as I can tell, there is nothing else of interest in non-Miami Florida – just a bunch of old people and McMansionettes and big box stores.

Hey. Don’t hate. I have my data points. OK, there is the beach, which is also fabulous, but Sly and Doris do not live on the beach. They live in a generic suburb in a cookie-cutter house where the appliances are crap and the corners are not square.

Back to what I learn with my sleuthing.

So they live in Florida and they are allegedly huge environmentalists. But – they keep their windows closed and run the air conditioning! In OCTOBER! Florida is not hot in October!

Wait! They keep the windows closed but leave the patio door open for the cats. And they still run the air conditioner.

Got that?

1.      They live in a place where air conditioning is not necessary for most of the year.
2.      They close all the windows to keep the fresh air out.
3.      They leave the patio door open.
4.      And they run the air conditioner. Which is not necessary. And which they are using to cool the patio.

I find this letter to the editor from Doris:

Editor: ...we overuse energy, often chilling in freezing air-conditioning. We would rather shiver than sweat. While our young soldiers continue to die or be maimed, we still buy as the president tells us to do.


  1. Okay, the dumbest thing about that is that you can set the AC for whatever temperature you want... so why would you set it to a temperature that makes you uncomfortable AND costs more for the additional effort of making it that much colder?

    Anonymous Cat strikes again...

    P.S. My in-laws are in Florida. In the Merritt Island/Cocoa Beach area, there are also lots of good local bands and Nasa and nature stuffs.

    1. And why would you have the A/C on but still have the patio doors open?

  2. Could be for humidity control. We run the AC around the year in Houston for that reason - don't want mold on clothes etc. We do love the days when you can open the windows and get a nice fresh breeze through the house, but there are four such days in a good year. (plus, 3/4 people in the house have asthma, and the allergens can get pretty rough on them) I've been to Orlando/Cocoa Beach for work many times, and the weather there seems to be comparable. So I can't blame them for that part...

    (Don't get me wrong, Houston is my home and I love it. But there are downsides.)

    1. Oh yeah. That could be it. But I lived in Houston for six years and St Augustine is NOTHING compared to Houston! NOTHING! I laugh at people outside of Houston who think they have humid weather. They just do not know.

  3. I read the "we"s in the letter to the editor as "we Americans". So S&D go out somewhere and it's freezing cold in the air conditioning.

    But running the AC with the door open? Sounds wasteful to me, but maybe it was about the humidity. I've never visited Florida but it has a reputation for high humidity???