Tuesday, October 24, 2017

In which I discover how easy it is to drive an engineer crazy

OK. I lied. I didn't just discover this.

I have known it for years.

It bothers me, but not as much as it bothers Primo.

So yeah - I do it on purpose. 

Is that wrong? :)


  1. Darn! Pictures are not showing for me.

  2. Pictures aren't showing for me either. I wonder if that's what you do on purpose to drive an engineer crazy? :)

  3. Crack-House Blinds!!! NOOO!!! Must Adjust Now!

  4. My neighbors across the street do this and I spend the day grinding my teeth.

  5. Oh no! Never thought I would be grateful for bad vision, but I can't see well enough to know if my neighbor's blinds are straight or not. If I go to a diner and sit beside a window with crooked blinds. . . yes, I will "Help them out" by straightening them. Of course I will.