Monday, October 23, 2017

In which Primo admits I AM RIGHT

Primo: You were right about the white space.

Me: I know.*

Primo: It takes me a lot to admit that!

Me: It shouldn't.

Primo: But I am my father's son. Other people can't be right. Only a [Sly's last name] can.

Me: I am not a [Sly's last name].

Primo: I am.

* Primo, in true engineer fashion, wanted to bunch everything up in the center. I am not a graphic artist, but I do have a better sense for these things than Primo does. He spaced things out a little more, but still not enough for my taste. I take my victories where I can, though.

** It's for a political event that happens in two hours. That he has known about for three months. For which he bought the posterboard and the frame last night. And started assembling two hours ago. At least he didn't leave it to the last minute.

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  1. Good morning, just want to say that I really enjoy your blog and hope you keep writing.

    Also, the photo on this post has your candidate’s name listed in several places...