Tuesday, October 17, 2017

In which I wonder if I am evil or just practical

Turns out Primo is hosting a house party (i.e., a political ask for money thing that happens at the home of someone who is not the candidate) the day after I have a mammogram.

I will be taking mammogram day (Wednesday) as a sick day because my company just converted our personal days to sick days.

As in, instead of getting five days a year for whatever, I now have to be sick to take those days.

My friends, I am a very lucky person who does not get sick.

They can write on my tombstone, "She never let a vacation day go unused."

I am ticked off about this.

1. I don't get sick.
2. 25% of my vacation time just disappeared
3. I am not paid by the hour. If you want to treat me like an hourly employee with sick time, then pay me OT for the days that start at 5:30 a.m., when I am at the ferry terminal to go across the lake to corporate, and end at 10 p.m. when I finally arrive at the hotel
4. I either have to let time off go unused or turn into a liar

What did corporate think would happen? That everyone would say, "Oh! Now that the policy has changed and I am not sick, I guess I will let those days go unused!"

Anyhow. I am taking Wednesday as a sick day for my one-hour mammogram. In the old days, I would have just worked from home that day and run out for the hour.

Primo is having the house party on Thursday. Months ago, when he asked if I minded, he promised I would have to do nothing to prepare and would not have to attend if I didn't want to.

But I know - because this is human nature - that if I am at home the day before the event that I will have to observe the preparations, or, worse, get sucked into the drama.

I am going to change my appointment and go to work on Wednesday instead. Does that make me a bad wife? :)


  1. No, that makes you a good planner. :)

    And I hear you on the sick leave. It's been many years since I had separate pools instead of one PTO pool, but I used to take a whole day for my biannual dental cleanings and a yearly checkups, and then any other medical appointment I had, as I don't get sick very often either.

  2. I have vacation/discretionary/sick leaves. I use up all discretionary (they don't roll over) and most of my vacation (some years I'm saving for a longer trip in the future - but I still take most. I think I'm up to 4 months of sick leave available at this point....So I take it as often as I need to....Works for bereavement and taking care of parents (I don't have kids) too....

    As for the house party - I agree- you have your agreement with Primo and if you need to alter you schedule so that he abides by the agreement, that's your prerogative!

  3. Your company is going backwards! We went the other way 15 years ago and found that our workkforce was suddenly much healthier! No one was ever sick, because they preferred to use PTO for fun stuff.. like vacation and they managed to get sick or got to the doc on their own time, or in two-hour segments in order to accrue as much fun time as possible. I predict that they will switch back in a few years - maybe sooner. 100% correct on the need for your help if you are available.