Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Last Campaign: Oh! Did I not mention that Primo is running for office again?

Yes. He is.

This is not my favorite thing.

1. A political campaign means a lot of work. It means Primo is gone from home a ton, which means if I want the house to be cleaner than it is, I have to clean it, which was not the deal when he quit his job.

2. I don't mind being by myself, but I am not thrilled about picking up extra housework.

3. I would rather Primo be earning money, but - we are in the very lucky position that I have a job that pays enough money for both of us. So financially, I can't say his running for office (or, more accurately, his not working) is a hardship.

4. Did I mention I hate political campaigns?


Our friend B is a political scientist who Knows These Things. The incumbent, against whom Primo has run twice, is running for state senate in 2018, which means Primo would be running against an unknown candidate, which is a lot easier than running against an incumbent, and which is statistically worth a few percentage points in the vote.

B ran the numbers and showed them to me.

Primo could win.

It's not a total long shot.

1. I want him to be happy.

2. We can afford this.

3. When Primo is running, I get to hear all the dirt - and I do mean all of it (Hilary, they tried to warn you! And you didn't listen!), which means I have interesting things to write about here.

4. More uninterrupted time for me to watch The Great British Baking Show or whatever.

5. He promises if he loses, he will never run again and we can move away from winter.

So anyway. Here we are. Starting another campaign.

PS Vote here: Primo thinks it would be funny to call this blog "The Candidate's Wife." I tell him I don't need a derivative identity.

However - I can tag this series as "The Last Campaign" or as "The Candidate's Wife." What do you guys think


  1. Wait...if he wins, will he run for re-election later? So it might not be the last campaign? I might go for The Candidate's Wife in that case.

    And it's almost November - are we getting this on a time delay again, or is this for next year's election?

    1. That's what I was thinking. Since I'm not superstitious I wouldn't call it tempting fate, but it sounds like you might regret calling it that if he wins and runs for reelection. I'd go with The Candidate's Wife.

    2. I like The Candidate's Wife as well. You may be in for several campaigns.

    3. Kathryn, this campaign is for the Nov 2018 election, so I need to be careful about how I write!

  2. One of the judges gave away the end of the Great British Baking Show!! The horror!!

  3. I'm partial to The Final Campaign, but that's just because it scans so nicely.