Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Candidate's Wife: They ask Primo about marijuana

Primo was on a radio show today. I watched the live stream, which had video of the studio.

1. The host thanked Primo for being on time and I wanted to yell, "That's not something that usually happens!"

2. The host asked Primo, "Yes or no - one word - do you support the legalization of and the taxing of marijuana in this state?"

I am yelling at the screen, "ONE WORD, PRIMO! ONE WORD!"

But - Primo does not do one-word answers. :) Bless his heart.

However, he finally did that pivot thing I have been telling him about - use the question to talk about what you want to talk about.

He said yes, he does support legalizing marijuana because of the tax revenues it would generate and because of the problems with mass incarceration.

I agree with him on both points, but I wish, if he were going to talk a lot that he also would have expressed the view that as long as a person is not hurting anyone else, who cares if he does drugs?

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