Monday, January 8, 2018

Spam spam spam

You guys, I had no idea that comments were going to spam. All comments are sent to my hotmail. Any comment on a post older than two weeks goes to moderation (or something like that), but other than that, if I see it in hotmail, I assume it's been published. I never suspected that a system that would allow comments about how to get your boyfriend to beg to have you back would block comments from actual people who make thoughtful comments.

I am sorry about that! I do not block non-spam comments. I don't even block the comments of the readers who take Sly and Doris' side, mostly because I am so fascinated that such people exist.

Thanks to the Cosmic Avenger for bringing this to my attention.


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    1. Not even going to comment on the irony of the spam filter keeping out a comment about spam.

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