Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: He married the wrong woman

Primo: Hey! How come you are ironing those napkins?

Me: Because they look nicer when they are ironed.

Primo: I thought you were against ironing.

Me: Not against ironing napkins.

Primo: How come you don't ever want to iron my shirts?

Me: Because I am against ironing other peoples' clothes.

Primo: But shouldn't you be interested in ironing my clothes?

Me: You should have married an ironing woman instead of a golddigger.


  1. Who irons napkins??! That's outside even my ocd level.

  2. FirstWife (may she RIP) loved to iron! She was sad that I don't wear clothing that needs ironing for work.

    For this, and many other things, I miss her.