Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: Primo gets an opponent

Primo: Whoa! This just got real!

Me: What happened?

Primo: The guy who blah blah blah ran blah blah blah filed today!

Me: Oh no!

Primo: No! He's on the other side!

Me: Oh - I thought you were being primaried.

Primo: No! He's on the other side. And he's AWFUL! This is GREAT!

Me: What makes him awful?

Primo: He's really extreme. His endorsements are from really extreme people - Extreme Person A, Extreme Person B, and Extreme Person C.

Me: Not the incumbent?

[NB The incumbent is running for a higher-level seat this election.]

Primo: Nope.

Me: Wait. The person who holds the seat currently is not endorsing the person on his side who is running for the seat now?

Primo: Nope.

Me: Wow.

Primo: And you know what else? [Nice Political Mentor Guy Who Knows Everyone] said he thinks [Incumbent] would rather have me win that seat than the guy on his side.

Me: He would rather have someone from the other side win than this guy?

Primo: Well, he would rather have me win than this guy. But yeah. He does not like this guy. [Political Mentor] says that [Incumbent] likes me.

Me: Why wouldn't he? You like him. He's a nice guy.* You just don't agree with each other.

* Which he is. We have met [Incumbent] a few times. He really is a nice guy.

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  1. I've totally lost track of time... if this is real time, then that's good news. If Primo can stay kind of in the center and not go wacky off either end, he will probably do well.