Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: Do we need a campaign manager?

Primo has been frustrated because the friend he hired to run his campaign has not been pushing him.

I am frustrated because I am a planner and it's been [counting] six months - SIX MONTHS - since Primo decided to run again and there. is. no. campaign. strategy.

This is making me crazy.

It's making Primo crazy.

But Primo admits - and this is true - that he shares much of the blame, as he has not pushed it with campaign manager. He has been waiting for CM to call him.

Complicating things is that CM is our friend and we love him.

I have been the bitch in all of this. For months, I have been asking why Primo and CM are not designing the campaign literature. Or designing the campaign strategy. Or breaking down the doors strategy.

I have been asking what CM has been doing for the money.

Primo has been waiting for CM.

Problem is that they are both deadline driven and there have been no hard deadlines so they have not done what needs to be done.

I am the one who has found the local events for Primo to attend - the pancake breakfasts (the one he attended yesterday - the Kiwanis scholarship fundraiser - was very good for him - they invited him to speak to the group and he met a lot of people), the student city of the future contest judging, the events at the senior center, etc, etc, etc.

I am the one who argues with him about the campaign communications.

We LOVE CM - but maybe this is not something you do with friends?

I don't know.

Primo finally met with CM today.

No big plan.

No campaign strategy.

Primo came home and was really frustrated.

CM has gotten some big-name clients, including a gubernatorial candidate who has a shot - the guy is very well known in his current (very public) field and has a great repuation.

CM seems distracted.

Me: Maybe CM doesn't want to be your campaign manager anymore but feels bad about saying that.

Primo: Maybe.

Me: Why do you need a campaign manager anyhow?

Primo: To run email campaigns?

Me: We can do that.

Primo: To introduce me to rich people who will give me money?

Me: What do you need money for?

Primo: To run ads.

Me: But - advertising is really expensive. What if you focused on a grassroots campaign? And we spent the $1,000 a month you are paying CM on campaign literature and targeted facebook ads?

Primo: Maybe.

Me: Maybe he doesn't want to be your campaign manager but doesn't know how to tell you. Maybe you can tell him that you want him to be free to focus on these bigger campaigns - which really are great opportunities for him - and that you will do yours.

Primo: Maybe.

Me: It's hard when you mix friendship and business, isn't it?

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  1. None of my business really, but the local candidates in Richmond, VA are already having "house parties" and knocking on doors. We have had a sign in our yeard for a month! Six months does NOT sound like enough time. Primo needs to "release" his CM to do the bigger one and get a person like you - NOT you, but a planner - to set out a week-by-week schedule and keep Primo focussed on all the little deadlines. This is his full time job - right? - so he should be working fulltime on it, but with someone whose approach is different.