Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: The karaoke fundraiser that already happened last month but I have been binge-watching "Chicago Fire" and have been distracted, as you might imagine

1. I was so impressed with Primo's marketing campaign for this event! He posted - over the course of a few days - videos of himself singing! And then tied the song title to his campaign! He is an engineer! And he did something creative!

2. This fundraiser had attendees from two worlds: Primo's karaoke/bar friends and his political friends. The political friends left as soon as the speeches were over and before the fun started. Honestly, I do not get people. Why not just come late so you don't have to hear the speeches and can be around for the singing?

3. Primo sang first and of course he was amazing. Then another candidate sang and he, too, can sing!

Then Primo and I sang together and Primo sounded great.

Me? I am no June Carter Cash.

4. My role in life sometimes is to show others that humiliating onesself publicly does not lead to death. So I was the Designated Bad Singer, who sings after a few good singers so others will not be intimidated.

Sing badly I did.

I sounded nothing like my buddy Olivia.

5. I saw a karaoke friend of Primo's whom I had met at his karaoke fundraiser a few years ago. This poor guy has gone blind and is in constant pain from some leg injuries. He sings beautifully, but it has to be songs he already knows because he can't read the lyrics.

6. I will leave you with the video of Primo singing from the karaoke fundraiser from his last campaign. He really is good.


  1. He is great! Don't you feel just a big swell of pride and tears? My hubby plays lead blues guitar like a house a'fire and it makes me all verklempt.

    1. I do! It's kind of fun to be associated with The Cool Guy!