Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: Maybe there will be a primary after all? Who knows?

Primo: This guy on [a committee] told me that the wife of a friend of his might run in this district.

Me: Oh?

Primo: The guy used to be a pastor at [non-denominational] church.

Me: Oh! So she would be running for the other party.

Primo: Nope. Apparently, they are like the only non-denominational people in the world who are [my party].

Me: Crap!

Primo: But my committee friend won't tell me who this woman is. Or who his friend is.

Me: How does he know him?

Primo: They got their PhDs in Basket Weaving together at Big State U. The guy now teaches [across the state lines].

Me: He cannot possibly be that hard to find - how many former megachurch pastors turned professors of basket weaving teaching in another state but living here can there be?

Answer: We don't know, but after an hour on google, linkedin, and Big U website, we did not find anyone.

Stay tuned. This is frustrating.

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